Life Painting & Drawing School – Testimonials

Here are comments from students who have attended my life drawing classes.

“It is undeniably thanks to Rachel that I have recently been accepted to the two best animation colleges in the States, I can?t recommend her enough.

Having participated in both classes and private tuition with Rachel, I have found her ability to translate her wealth of experience and deep knowledge on the subject with remarkable clarity invaluable. Unlike many life drawing classes in London, where I have not seen my work move forward as much as I had hoped, Rachel teaches you to alter your fundamental thinking, and helps you to really see what and how you?re drawing. I have found her studio to be a very creative space where Rachel offers supportive and valuable constructive guidance that allows you to question and explore at a pace that suits you. Through working with Rachel I have really shifted my way of approaching drawing, and have seen a vast visible improvement within my work, assimilating the previously disparate strands of teaching into a cohesive body of understanding. It has been an experience akin to an epiphany for me and has definitely been a worthwhile investment, I will be back when I can.”
Uma Mahendran
Animation Student

“I have attended, so far, five of Rachel?s life drawing classes and have every intention of participating in many more. Her studio is welcoming, relaxed and comfortable… Rachel?s method of teaching is tailored to each pupil so that previous experience is unnecessary, but everyone, no matter how much or little experience they have, will gain from her skilful teaching and infectious enthusiasm for life drawing. It is a privilege to be allowed into a professional artist?s studio and be taught so well.”
Hilary Vernon-Smith
Head of Scenic Studio – Royal National Theatre

“Rachel ignites one. You find yourself equipped with powers you did not know you had – and producing work you did not know you could.”
Eleanor Brushfield

“?superb weekend life class and tutoring?I had a really enjoyable and challenging time that made me think, see and draw much better. What a pleasure to be taught by someone who is a working artist and understands how people learn best too. Most tutors teach but take little account of how people learn.”
Delia Hiscock
Retired School Advisor and Inspector

“Looking for new ways to inspire our team, one of our Design Directors came up with the idea of life drawing classes – sadly drawing skills have been neglected particularly in the Mac world of Design. Creatives, designers, directors, & producers – some who had never taken a class in their lives & others who were self conscious & very rusty all enthusiastically signed up & Rachel tailored her teaching to every one of them at whatever level of experience. They all felt they had made tremendous strides in the space of a week & emerged energised, confident in their drawing skills, inspired & really looking at the world & the job they do in a very different way. Fantastic thank you Rachel & I hope we can work together again very soon.”
Jane Walker
Creative Director BBC Broadcast

“…absolutely brilliant, being taught by Rachel is like hitting the jackpot or winning the Lottery. She is the best tutor that I have every encountered. It is definitely thanks to Rachel that I am now doing an Art Foundation Course at Central St. Martins. I really wish that there were more tutors like Rachel at art school.”
Natasha Lien
Art student at Central St. Martins School of Art

“Rachel Clark offered great tuition and support to our artists working on the Harry Potter computer games. I wanted my artists to experience sketching a life model representative of a young wizard moving and casting spells. Through the 2 day course they rapidly improved their confidence and speed. Rachel’s teaching is calm supportive and conducive to an enjoyable and enlightening experience.”
John Miles
Senior Art Director, Electronic Arts UK

“… It was demanding and deeply satisfying. In the five days we had five models and worked on sketches that lasted anything from ten seconds to three hours. Rachel is a very good teacher, seeing immediately what each of her students needs most. I made progress, regained enthusiasm and an appetite for more. Thank you, Rachel. It was a fantastic week.”
Celia Hall
Journalist, The Daily Telegraph

“I have been amazed at my own results. Every student, beginner or advanced, sees a definite improvement in their work. As a keen ?would be? the one-to-one tuition is essential for me. Whilst Rachel creates a relaxed atmosphere in her spacious studio, there is also charged vitality and enthusiasm amongst her students. The course is most enjoyable and worthwhile.”
Linda Jensen

“…an absolute breath of fresh air. I trained as an architect but work as a professional artist and I would recommend the course to anyone… we all started the week with a certain amount of nervousness, but Rachel soon put us at our ease. It was a most rewarding and inspirational experience – the beginning of a lifetime of life drawing.”
Mark Shepherd
Dip Arch MSAI

life drawing classes - pastels at Rachel Clark's life drawing school -invaluable tuition for students interested in finding a portrait painting school in London

“I started to draw and paint eight years ago aged 65. Now I measure my progress against the results of a week?s course with Rachel. She provides a subtle combination of demanding attention to detail with a sympathetic encouragement of individual talent (or lack of it!) The atmosphere of her courses is professional and cheerful and there is ample personal instruction. At the end of a week I may be quite exhausted but I know that I have had excellent value for money.”
Alan Pemberton

“Enthusiasm is the key to this course. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a professional, Rachel is able to motivate and develop everyone’s understanding of drawing and painting. My own work has progressed further than I thought possible. My only regret is that I did not find this course sooner!”
Monica Chrysostomou
Graphic Designer – Central St Martins School of Art, 1984-1987

“I had almost forgotten what a wonderful discipline drawing is and how much more creative it is over the computer. Rachel’s course has helped me enormously in my approach to the day job. I am trying to spread the word among my colleagues!”
John Hallett
Partner – Jones Hallett Design Consultants

“In one week you can learn more than in months at an academy where often they try to push you into a certain style. In Rachel’s class I felt free and relaxed..her teaching is clear and constructive. I found it useful to have an intensive week’s training which gave me enough information to paint on my own. I hope to return.”
Koen Bossuyt
Interior Decorator – Belgium

“…enjoyable and fulfilling. Students ranged from complete beginners like myself to very accomplished artists indeed… the tuition was so one-to-one that we all came away with very positive improvement. I look forward to returning.”
John Salkeld

“As a retired Bank Executive, drawing was an experiment in creativity. Under Rachel’s gentle but expert eye, my dream became a reality. As a result of her focussed guidance, the fear of drawing became a pleasure, a piece of magic.”
Colin Wilks
CFO Lloyds bank (retired)
currently partner Deloitte &Touche, Poland

“…the finest art teacher I have had in London. Many art students who have not received a formal grounding come to her.Her method of teaching this discipline make drawing and painting extremely exciting and fulfilling.”
Jane Kelly
Journalist, Daily Mail

“The skills you learn can be applied to drawing anything in the future, and enable you to carry on developing away from the course. Rachel’s coaching in oil painting is superb as she teaches you to really look, and then mix colours accurately, both crucial skills. The course is hard work, but great fun…I intend to return.”
Diane Griffiths
Retail Merchandise Manager

“I work for a design consultancy in central London. I wanted to be able to draw confidently in front of clients as a means of articulating ideas… I found the week inspiringly hard work. I was always conscious of being monitored and helped. You never stood still. The studio is a beautiful loft space with high ceilings and natural light. It seemed important to me to be taught by a working artist who has a passion for her art… That infectious, quiet enthusiasm was impossible to resist.”
Sally Crabb
Architectural Designer – Imagination

“I first went to Rachel fourteen years ago. Every time I go I take a large step forward with my work. What I learn with Rachel I use throughout the year both at the college I attend and at home. As a result I have had my work chosen for exhibitions. I really look forward to going to Rachel’s courses. She is an excellent teacher, encouraging and helping each individual to develop in their own way.”
Joan Powles

“I have now attended four of Rachel’s one week courses which are most intensive and challenging. But having been taught the fundamentals of sound drawing, both my confidence and abilities in this direction have advanced leaps and bounds.”
W F Pearce

“Rachel knows what pace to take you at individually, even within a group. You neither rest on your laurels nor feel exposed. She is refreshingly lacking in waffle and mystique. There is no sense of intimidation. As a very tentative, late and not especially gifted beginner, I received confidence, inspiration and encouragement.”
Robert Abrahams

“I have had many life drawing teachers, some good, but Rachel is certainly the best, and worth every penny.”
David Wilson
Investment Professional

“Everything from the setting, timetable, models, materials, music, fellow students, not to mention your gift, a truly exceptional ability to teach people at all levels, has made each visit memorable. You seem to know just how much I can achieve. You are helping me to see what is there and to draw what I see. I find the classes absorbing, frustrating and wonderfully creative; and I thank you for your encouragement, patience and selfless sharing of your art.”
Maureen Taylor