Turner Contemporary

There is still time to see ‘Making Painting: Helen Frankenthaler and JMW Turner’ at Margate’s Turner Contemporary. An unexpected and rewarding combination of works from 20th century Abstract Expressionism and 19th century Romanticism. Worth seeing alone for Frankenthaler’s painting ‘For E.M’ – her re-working of Manet’s painting ‘Fish (Still life)’ 1864, but for other gems too such as ‘Barometer’, ‘Eastern Light’ and ‘Lush Spring’ which are enriched when seen against Turner’s painterly seascapes and timeless but innovative watercolours. Both broke with conventions and were at their best when they did. Turner at his richest, painting the sublime experience of the world, Frankenthaler’s is a quieter, inner journey of the same.

Closes 11 May 2014.