Richard Hamilton at Tate Modern until 26 May 2014

An interesting exhibition which mostly engages the mind rather than the senses. There’s humour (some scatological), politics made more powerful by the absence of emotion – a sharp commentary on the late 20th/early 21st Century. The map of the growing/diminishing territory of Israel/Palestine a direct and effective statement. And then, his painting ‘Lobby’ is a place in which the plant life looks uncomfortably out of place within this man-made vacuum. It’s a soulless hotel reception endlessly reflecting on itself in pristine mirrored pillars, the threat of a ghastly limbo world with a staircase on the right, like Jacob’s Ladder, rising to the blue-sky ceiling without the promise of something beyond. A world apart from Matisse and his cut-outs on the next floor – an entirely different journey.