Abstract Paintings

Rachel Clark produces her paintings in series which sometimes evolve over many years. Her paintings have been selected for prestigious exhibitions such as the John Moore’s and Pacesetters, Royal Academy of Arts, Curwen Gallery London (see biography) and are in private collections worldwide.

Completed Series

As an example of two completed series you can view Testament and The Planet Suite in the Abstract Art Gallery.

All of “The Planet Suite” paintings are sold and in private collections. Nine of the “Testament” series are sold, six are available.

Current Abstract Art Series

You can view Rachel Clark’s current series in progress “Transitions” in the Abstract Art Gallery. The first paintings in this series were exhibited at the Curwen Gallery in London in October 2013.


Collectors’ comment on the Abstract Testimonials page.

“They appeal to the heart, to the eye and to the brain. I never tire of them.”
Tony Druttman

“We wanted to project a sense of sharpness, boldness and energy…’Covenant’ was exactly right.”
Francois Barthelemy Partner, F&C Partners LLP
Part of the F&C Asset Management Plc group